And before they were ranging from around 41k - 60k. Those are living wages.

The starting salary is ranging from about 45k-65k. What about that is not 'a living wage'?

It's pretty funny that you listed half of those places as they are straight garbage.

Cafe Bueno and Taco Bar are good - the rest of what you listed is like saying having a McDonalds means you don't need any more American fare.

If you weren't so scared of going out anywhere in public where you might cross paths with alcohol you would know who the homeless people are. There really aren't many 'drunks' out in down town that would ever be mistaken for a homeless person.

But then again, you would ha…

They either used to eat meat or someone who isn't a vegan at all can simply try it and compare. Supposedly they don't taste similar.

They don't taste the same at all

Certain owners have no desire to keep their properties up to code and are fine with them looking nearly condemned.

Promoting meeting people and a social aspect of Frederick. Not everyone has an inability to drink moderately.

Love the place - not a good happy hour from what I recall.

They tried different spots - they laid out the reasons why certain places were/were not included. Helps if you read the article. You think anyone paid any amount of money? Really?

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