They are just moving these projects from one area to another. Now it's Low-Income. moving into this area, How do we ever try to up-grade anything, No one wants to live around crime. Just move from up-town to down-town, and around town. All except?

Low income and Seniors don't go together.

Can you see the problem with that?

Why disrupt a business that people can walk to?

Who are you trying relocate?

Ruthcf commented on In The Street goes plural

Why have it at the same time as the Great Frederick Fair???

It would make more sense to have it on a different Saturday...Make more money for Frederick.

Buy him a new one. The old one is dirty by now.

TJ has two pictures of the graduation and Frederick High has 22??????

The driver (s) out here in Worman's Mill comes through here so fast. It's like everything else, they are in a hurry.

How much longer are you all going to run this article? It's not a game.
He has been judged. Let him go. Why all of these crazy comments?

Did we forget to put his picture in the article

Frederick never think about parking, they build all these new buildings or create them, and never add a parking lot, downtown parking! look at Worman's Mill, people parking on top of people, but they build more. Do they care about parking"No" its the money

Enjoyable or not, she will be the one to get the job. Some are there for the enjoyment.

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