Oh, we definitely want this guy representing us, said no one ever.

Of course Merhle Mayne wants to shoot deer whenever he wants. Keep in mind that he has had trouble obeying hunting laws in the past to the point where he had his guns confiscated. By the way, his claims about crop damage are wildly exaggerated.

Good for Superintendent Alban. These politicians love to hear themselves talk and put forth their idiotic opinions on everything under the sun. Stick to the business at hand.


I have sympathy for his children. I have no sympathy for his "family". They created this miscreant by coddling him and telling him that he was better than others. The apple doesn't fall far from the tree.

Sallyforth commented on 'Control' candidates

Suspending a child that misbehaves doesn't help anything. It's a mini vacation for most kids. If you want to punish them make them stay after school.

Sallyforth commented on Angry GOP voter

I am angry that people who were obviously dropped on their heads as babies write letters and comment on things they know nothing about.

Sallyforth commented on Candidates' values

I can tell you the republican candidates

I'm glad to hear that someone who opposes creative revenue streams for farmers is retiring. Young farmers need every advantage they can get and if that means farming marijuana or using a portion of their land for solar then they should be encouraged to do so.

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