sdm817 commented on Hate has no home here

The Southern Poverty Law Center has no credibility. They are a mouth piece for the left. Nothing more. Where is the rally? I would love to attend.

Wow. Another case of Trump Derangement Syndrome. A bad one too. Is Trump responsible for every thing bad? Fill us in on how Trump caused those animals to act like that.

Where did you get your facts? What if it were your father?

You are a liar.

You can't leave it alone can you. You have some sick obsession.

Great article. Just turn on the local news. It seems there is a new report of a rape or molestation by an illegal every other day. Where is the outrage?

Why are you so obsessed with Jenkins? First case of Jenkins Derangement Syndrome. Get a life already. I would hope you have other things to worry about.

What if you do not live in the city? What credit are you referring to? Frederick city is by far the most dangerous part of the county.

How many elections has he won in a row? Remarkable.

Same stupid legal system that paid someone because their coffee was hot. I'm so glad the face of the court is changing. Too many liberal judges making up laws as they go.

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