Congrats you win the dumb comment of the day. Try staying on topic. Truth. Fact.

Agreed except when the government forces companies to do so when they are not prepared.

Not when its forced on you at work.

Lol spare us. We saw more zealotry in protecting traitor 44 than those who defended Trump. The idiots on the media were especially complicit in doing this.

secpol1970 commented on We are not better off

Most of it if not all. Red flag laws? There goes due process. Most people and not just the wealthy are taking home more pay and wages are going up. More jobs are available as well. Other points he tries to bring up are also local based problems that can be attributed to poor management of…

In other words fake principal we should only listen to what open borders traitors like yourself and let everyone in so we are not bad people huh? Sorry to break it to you but he is right. Plus we can hardly take care of our own citizens much less illegal aliens. Sad you can't see whats ri…

The Senate is broken? The House is broken and useless. Who is the mental midget that wrote this garbage?

Keep trying fake principal. You only think so because your precious democrat lost. You ignored the criminals in traitor 44's office so keep trying to justify your denial of a fairly won election.

secpol1970 commented on America will bounce back

Hate message? Only hate we see is from democrats.

secpol1970 commented on We are not better off

Well you just answered your own question. You want cradle to grave help and thats what this country is about.

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