Bosco, you know it is Trump who is the master of quid pro quo. It’s the Art of the Deal. It’s “I’ll give you congressionally allocated money only if you give me dirt on Biden. Except if I get caught, then I will pretend I was just fooling.”

I cannot, no. Joe McCarthy and George Wallace attempted it, but Americans saw through them relatively quickly. Alas, we can ask it again, but Donald Trump and his supporters have no sense of decency. At long last, they have left no sense of decency.

I am too, NMP. Especially proud of the very few Republicans who saw the light and refused to bow to Trump’s coercion.

The difference is Trump is corrupt. Obama was not. Trump goes down in history as a nightmare and the worst president ever, by far.

sevenstones1000 commented on Frederick's evolving electorate

Well, the demographics are not on the side of Republicans. Yes, they have realized that and are now totally given over to various methods cheating to stay in power as the minority party. There is no way Republicans can win under a democracy. The numbers are not there for them.

Pie and dressing each take a variety of spices and herbs, so I assume those are not factored in and it is expected you already have them on hand. To feed ten people you would need two pies.

It’s good Americans trying to put on an event, trying to make things happen when there’s people that don’t want these things to happen, so that’s good,” he said

What is that supposed to mean? Is this man so deluded he believes pandemic restrictions come from “bad” people? Why would …

No private company is entitled to a government contract. THe Catholic Church will just have to get over it. And spend their free time and money making up for generations of sexual abuse.

Has Duckie Ro stopped laughing yet?

I agree, bosco. One mama is not even attempting to walk near the side of the road. She’s proudly pushing baby right in a car lane.

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