sevenstones1000 commented on Will we like Mike?

I’ve been in the same room as Mike Bloomberg. He is 5’8”. He is average height. Pass it on.

sevenstones1000 commented on Will we like Mike?

I’d like to hear what Bloomberg has to say. I’d vote for him, if only to see him get under Trump’s very thin skin. He’s everything Trump pretends to be.

I like my socialist Medicare and SOCIAL Security.

Some good things about socialism.

She was a great lady. I worked with FCNB in a business capacity. It was a great local institution, and she was a large part of making it so.

People are aware that there already ARE such buses, right? What is it you need to study? I took these buses, they work fine except they should run throughout the day, at night and on the weekends. Imagine how great it would be to get down to DC for the day on Saturday or Sunday without dr…

I took a bus from Frederick Shady Grove Metro for ten years. They worked just fine.

sevenstones1000 commented on To pray or not to pray

If Obama had said and done one tenth of the things Trump has, evangelicals’ heads would be on fire. I don’t know if they honestly believes God smiles on their abandonment of common decency like this or what.

Sorry to hear this. I have some wonderful memories of meals at Nido’s. The food may have been simple, but who doesn’t want a good pasta with sausage and peppers sometimes?

sevenstones1000 commented on Where's the headline, FNP?

I guess you believe all trials end with the Grand Jury. You should stop watching Fox News all the time.

sevenstones1000 commented on Where's the headline, FNP?

I beleive you need an actual trial with witnesses to be acquitted of something.

How about this headline: TRUMP “ACQUITTED”

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