Call in federal ADA inspectors from the Department of Justice to decide the issue.

DrewBOY, The shops are privately owned. The sidewalks are publicly owned by a municipal government that is required by federal law to enforce ADA laws/standards. Someone will eventually be injured due to these poorly designed outdoor drinking gardens or an ADA tester will bring legal action.

It’s very likely that there are numerous violations of the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA). I’ve seem people in wheelchairs struggle with going up the curb cut in front of Hootch & Banter and then trying to make a hard left to go around the cafe barricade. Imagine a wheelchair teet…

Last time I checked it was Scholl’s Lane.

So the E in ALICE stands for employed. Are seniors at 80 or 90 years old still employed? Perhaps the ALICE Report and Threshold are based on erroneous data and assumptions. People are struggling, but there are a lot of variables factored into ALICE and the local United Way has no idea of reality.

Add leadership skills to the budget.

Hey News-Post, pediatricians practice pediatrics, not family medicine.

Shouldn’t the title be “Human Needs Assessment Outlines Foundation’s Priorities”

White shoes? It was probably Pat Boone.

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