Trump on his phone call today, "People are tired of COVID". Very true. But then he uses that as an excuse to pretend it doesn't exist. It still exists.

pdl; he is a respected NEUROLOGIST. That does not mean his expertise ranges to epidemiology. Get it? He made a false statement. He later tried to backtrack and if he put his caveats in the original post then it would be fine.

I get it. Having five school-aged children is difficult. That is why I do not have five children. Maybe y'all should have thought this through rather than creating a problem and then making others pay for your difficulty solving that problem.

Question for Mrs Steinberg and those supporting this. How many deaths of children and FCPS employees is it worth? How many hospitalizations are you willing to accept? Ten? Twenty? Fifty? Your own child/brother/sister/parent? What is your bar?


I am guessing that most of the "news" pdl reads are full of false and misleading information so she is likely cool with that.

That was probably the single largest string of "previously fact checked and found to be false" statements I have ever read in my life.

In other states the voter guide arrives in the mail with your ballot

Mrs. Steinberg; what is your plan if most of the teachers do not want to come into school? I am happy that you are willing to sacrifice others to make your life easier but not everyone might be.

So the lesson Mrs Steinberg is teaching her kids is this; "when it is hard you have to give up." Great lesson.

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