Jesus Christ has sent us vaccines. He will be offended if you refuse his offering.

AOC; read AW's link. Or many others. The facts are clear. Our system has led to major racial disparities in health, wealth and education. And if you think that is what the real AOC actually said, you probably never actually heard/read the context but just scooped that bit from Fox et al.

Would you agree that there are historic regulations, rules and laws that created disparate outcomes for blacks and whites? And the imbalanced enforcement and application of the existing ones? And wouldn't you agree that they have had measurable, clear, racially distinct impacts on wealth,…

There are so many good stories noting the logical issues with this line of reasoning.

Crazy and sad :-(

I guess I view the FNP as our source for local news. This was a local story. If you are looking for worldwide detailed information on the issues you raise, they are well covered by various organizations around the world and covered by national news outlets.

It is not just laws or regulations, it is also the enforcement (or not) of them. Do a quick google search on "evidence of systemic racism" and have at it. Quick example I used already; blacks are way more likely than whites to get cited for marijuana yet blacks and whites smoke it in equa…

The broad and numerous examples of systemic racism have been demonstrated over and over and over. It is not my fault you are not paying attention. Do a quick google search on "evidence of systemic racism" and reading all of those articles (with facts in them) should take up most of your day.

I must have missed all those PB columns when the Republicans were spending like drunken sailors over the past number of years. Including the republican tax cut that put trillions into our debt column.

And the unvaccinated people allow further variants to develop. We are fortunate that the vaccine seems effective against the delta. Next one maybe not.

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