Wow, that's amazing. You should publish your findings!

And you KNOW she didn't read through all the books and pick these out. She got that list from some right-wing conservative group and this same process is likely happening across the US. What a waste of time

This article should have named the pilot.

bhall; a perfect explanation as to how republicans are so screwed up. How about, as noted below, push a candidate that is intelligent, well spoken, organized, understands government and doesn't believe in vampires? In my lifetime Republicans have supported two presidential candidates almo…

So Trump was either complicit or clueless; neither are a good look

Yet he is still the de facto leader of your party

I would think that any follow-up on this would be a police matter, not for the newspaper.

Well, the right-wing, fact-free posters are out in force today

While I feel for Dylan's family, of course, we get to blaming the driver but I am sure that Wyatt is devastated as well.

If y'all could please explain to me what Joe Biden did that was illegal or impeachable, I would appreciate it. Everyone just says "hunter biden laptop" as if that was something. It is not something. I mean, if you are worried about shady business deals based on relationships to the Presid…