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Have some compassion. Some people like to express their opinion simply. Perhaps they feel others have said what they would say (rather than some of us who will repeat what other say just to hear ourselves type). Perhaps their English is not that good. Or they have a hard time typing.

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Gabriel; I think the point is that "class size doesn't matter" is an oversimplification. If you have good cholesterol levels then taking statins doesn't matter, but if you have other issues then it can be life saving.

I am not sure if I am confused or Mr Blatchford is. The column seems to be complaining that the youth of today are all snowflakes and he wonders who he will lead. Yet in the same column he whines about a youth who IS leading far more than Rick ever has in his life, even if you add up all …

Good thing so many people have guns in our country

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It depends on the class. Psych 101 is probably large. Advanced chemistry not so much.

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It has been shown that in the presence of boys, girls tend to not interact in class as much. Smaller class sizes could potentially (I'm sure data exist) increase the girls' involvement and therefore progress. Same with kids from disadvantaged backgrounds. Bigger groups tend to favor the l…

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I know, I know; resort to name calling when facts are not on your side.

PleasePleasePlease do not "name" this mural after a donor. It is already ridiculous enough that we have "Nymo field at Harry Grove Stadium" (what a grovel for money and against what Harry Grove wanted).

So you are telling me that the company put a bid in without seeing the bridge plans?

But wouldn't they have seen/known of these things before they bid? I mean, what information do they have when they submit bids? I would assume it would be relatively complete (drawings and such) so they could accurately bid.

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