Sorry but complete idiots on here - everyone has "their" opinion and this article is just about this very thing. STOP spewing your hate and move on - the Elections will tell the tale at the end.

Exactly - another idiot trying to incite!

OMG - this Judge! Remember when you vote....she could care less about sexual assaults on females in Frederick County. She was the one that let the Pedophile Doctor out too! Disgusting!

What an ignorant comment - Pretty sure Mr. Weed's family doesn't think he deserved to die at the hands of thugs either.

Mr. Weed has NOT one record in the judiciary case search - open it and look, another person in Montgomery county has the same name - this MURDERED man lived in Mt. Airy, ,Frederick County.

Ha - did you see/hear this, as it certainly has NOT been said in any newsfeed?

Look up Mr. Taylor in the Judiciary case search - he was just in court in Jan 2019 for child support - he knows so much about his "kids/animals" but obviously didn't support them. Then go to Facebook and you can find the mother taking all kinds of photo's with her hoard of other kids at t…

You sure have the name correct. Ridiculous to go down this path!

Bahahaha - the FNP can only report what occurs - Race Baiting at it's best - find something "Productive" to do instead!

I sat through this hearing yesterday, both the States Attorney and Horman's Attorney went back into the Judge's chambers, I witnessed it. How often does that happen for the common folk?

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