I have known Delegate Young for many years and know her to be a fair and hard-working public servant. I have had conversations with her when she is answering these questionnaires, and I have known her to do them herself. I know that if she has a question on them that she needs more backgro…

Hi this is the mom. Some times the seizures are so powerful that you need a heavier drug to shut off brain activity. Other times the CBD does the trick. Seems to also depend on the type of seizure.

Our Green Homes Challenge has many renter-friendly items. Please check it out at!

True. I could have been more clear. They violate Newtonian Gravity.

The mode you mention here is semiautonomous, which exists today. It's basically an enhanced cruise control that keeps you in the driving lane and will slow or stop to avoid hitting traffic. I did write about the Tesla accident above. But the autonomous vehicles being anticipated for the ne…

The state recently passed legislation for Community Solar that makes your idea possible.

You're a real class act Belinda! Many happy years!

Please visit Seeing is believing.

Ilene's posts are so satisfying to read!

I agree, Zoe's columns are awesome.

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