Maryland's DNR website says the red fox is native to MD. Perhaps you're thinking of the coyote.

"Unaffiliated" and "Independent" are not the same thing in MD. If you desire to represent yourself as completely free of political party association, you must designate yourself as "Unaffiliated".

Here's how it works: As of 2019, there are only three parties which meet the requireme…

The person described as having allergies is an adult - the article mentions that he was there because his wife loves breakfast.

Indeed, I was pointing out a simple mistake. That doesn't mean I disagree with your opinion. But why target the woman alone? Isn't Chubby's complicit in encouraging and incentivizing this behavior by offering the "challenge" in the first place?

Wrong pronouns. Take a closer look at the article.

snallygaster commented on Mountaindale Road

The parking areas along Gambrill Park Road, Hamburg Road, the Sand Flats, and Whiskey Springs Pond will still be available as access points to the watershed, though their capacity will undoubtedly be tested during peak use times.

I read that the Mountaindale entrance will…

“Did you know that Hispanic children drown more than their counterparts?” Menocal said. “Six times more likely, to be exact.

Not according to this CDC study, According to this, white children are more likely to drown through age 4. From ages 5-14, the drowning rate betwee…

Agreed, it is outside of Frederick city. That said, the Clarion Inn's address uses the 21703 zip code, which is a Frederick city address. Zip codes don't conform to political boundaries, so it's perfectly valid to refer to it as a Frederick business since its mailing address is served by …

snallygaster commented on Collision leaves cyclist dead

It's a bicycle event according to the event's website.

Thank you for sharing your beautiful memories of this building.

I would point out one small historical error however. Hurricane Agnes took place in 1972, not 1976. The flood which devastated downtown Frederick on October 7, 1976 was the result of a single, intense downpour during wh…

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