I have to agree with you, the entire daily parade stuff, is out of control, we have a stay at home order in place, their parades are not essential. the police need to start enforcing it.

you aren't a union, you can't just strike because of it. I think they should work with you to defer the payment, but you still owe the payment just like a mortgage payment, they are being deferred, you'll still owe them.

STAY AT HOME! how hard is this for people to understand? Stop these stupid parades, they do nothing to help.

then go outside, don't come back.

Then you can't read. Out-of-State Travel. No Marylander should be traveling outside of the state unless such travel is absolutely necessary. Those who have travel…


also stashing 1000 respirators and blowing it off when he was called out on it.

Faici was already given one by Bush.

Trump is an idiot. I cringe at his attention press conferences.

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