Infrastructure needs upgrading. Water main breaks every week.

Bless you. Our cat problem isn't just City Hall, it's all over the town. I have TNRd and re homed 8 kittens myself. Sadly, some people are cruel and try to poison them, or just speed along and hit them without any care. Thanks for your efforts in trying to make these poor forsaken creatur…

So sad. Poor things.

Best of luck to the team! This is great news and an incredible achievement!

I hope so. 2 stoves and 2 computers later, thanks to surges. (Yes I have protectors).

This is the reason we cannot win the 'war on drugs'. Enabling these addicts is the worst possible thing anyone can do. It merely endorses and condones the problem.

stefcfi commented on Barn fire kills 8 horses

Poor things. :-(

Addict: yes please give me my free needles, free test strips, and safe haven to inject. Thank you. Government: here ya go, y'all be careful out there.

Dying cancer patient riddled with pain: Dr, please help me, the pain is unrelenting. Dr: Sorry, Mr X, we don't want you to get addicted…

Toxic, regardless of genders or preferences.

Thanks to the Brunswick FD and all those depts assisting. I hope the affected businesses and displaced and/or injured residents will be OK!

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