Another unfounded assertion from CD that allows him to holler "racist" at anyone who calls him out.

The writer is also unclear on the definitions of "Marxist", "fascist", and "organization", or in how they might be applied to movements like BLM. This letter is just throwing scary words around and hoping that it sticks.

Trump's tactics have been clear since he originally announced his candidacy. Commit crimes, and then blame opponents for those crimes, so that anyone exposing said crimes is already the second one to show up with a story. It works only when your base is credulous and poorly informed. To e…

*Was* his 'vette. Doubt there is much left of it after ramming through to police cars. Under the circumstances, a motel room in Charles Town and a quiet ride home down 7 to I-66 would have been a prudent investment.

Why exactly is an out-of-state group holding a rally at a county police facility? Do they not have any local members to raise this issue?

I find it hard to believe that 142 trees "threaten" his home, unless you expand that definition unreasonably. I find it easy to believe that this guy cannot be bothered to file for the permits correctly and just resubmits the bad paperwork in the hope that the county will give up.

I imagine this is solely theatrical for the benefit of his base of support.


Many compelled to draw attention to the handful of people who sprayed some paint, and use that to pass judgement on the rest of the protesters. But when a small number of cops commit murder on film, they are just the "bad apples" and we should not judge the group. Confusing.

It left because our reporters cannot spell it correctly.

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