No one wants a junk yard, but I would put my efforts into making sure it has adequate screen/buffer space and fencing around it, and not a difficult-to-enforce time limit. If some one is paying money to get their trailer or boat off the street, why discourage them?

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It is easy to agree with, because it is an empty shell of vague pleasantries. It is not like he has anything substantive to say, or anything to criticize that he is not ultimately responsible for himself.

Since when does Patrick Buchanan know anything about "the center"?

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FNP, you should not print an editorial without an attribution. This looks like someone is shilling for a real estate developer.

This letter is just a rehash of the dated Reaganomics trope, that low taxes will "always" produce high growth. The problem being that it has *never* panned out that way, and you only need look as far as Kansas for an example of it failing.


The highway expansion plan is corporate welfare. It socializes the risk of the project while letting the private side of the "partnership" walk way with the profits.

The highway project does not benefit the public; it makes driving more expensive, if perhaps somewhat faster. The benefits of this partnership rain down on the Hogan-connected contractors and consultants who will be building it. The risks then remain with the taxpayers.

It am having a hard time believing you have any recent or meaningful association with our schools today. You clearly have not actually tried to contact a teacher, or used any of the technology you disdain. This discussion deserves more than a tired old trope ranting against "high cost dil…

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How is the writer certain that the beards in question are grown for "respect", as opposed to camouflage or out of lack of time/money to shave? Having said that, whether a beard is permitted (or not) in any job should be entirely a decision based upon the objective needs of the profession …

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