Just as the ACA and a host of other decisions, Congress is cowardly relinquishing it's responsibility to the Supreme Court. Congress banned questions about religion on the census form, why not citizenship? The Supreme Court will gladly take over the roll of law creator, dictator and enforcer…

Not that it's fake and spin, but every time something likes this makes the news, there is always another group that debunks it. Like Ford & Kavanaugh who do you believe?


No not each year, Recently, GWB 2001 & 2007 Obama 2015.

Gary & Aw,
Serving this Country( Gary I know you did) for 37 years and driving over the Memorial Bridge and looking at thousands of grave markers on a hillside, I never needed a reminder on the importance of elections. Aw, I like how your spin. Nobody is against the metoo movement…

Tsk,tsk some of us never need a reminder on the importance of elections. But a month is long time in liberal time. Check back around November 1 and i'll give you another reminder.

To date, President Trump has appointed 2 Associate Justices to the Supreme Court, 26 judges for the United States Courts of Appeals, 41 judges for the United States District Courts.

"Ds are interfering with restaurant choices". That's your spin on the definition of harassment? Votes are power? why can't you except that?

Do you agree with Ian Millhiser, that Republicans should be confronted where they eat, sleep work, meaning even in the privacy of their own homes? Because if it doesn't stop the volcano will erupt.

teapartier commented on Mass transit anyone?

This should explain whats in store for Frederick commuters. It's MWCOG's transportation plan open for public comment. If the link doesn't work just type visualize2045.


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