What's the name of the "retail business"?

This story required more than a rewrite of a press release. This is not reporting. This is stenography.

public-redux is correct. Memorial Day is meant to commemorate the sacrifice of those who died while serving our country in the armed forces. You'd think that veterans would be particularly sensitive to observing the true meaning of the day. What is being reported in this story is more pro…

I think Jennifer Dorian is the daughter of longtime AMC host Bob Dorian, back when AMC showed little but old (and good) movies. That's the classic movie channel the late and unlamented Frederick Cablevision allowed us to have, since it wasn't willing to pay for TCM, TBS and some other Turne…

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Have to reply to myself here because the thread's too long, but this is @gabrielshorn2013. My answer was, and is, that Bartlett was utterly dismissible, hence my characterization of "pretty much everything." Proper congresscritters get stuff for their districts. Bartlett didn't.…

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Pretty much everything. Also, you forgot to genuflect when you wrote "Dr."

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"The new map should not guarantee a Republican victory in the 6th District." You mean like the old map did? Proof: Twenty years of do-nothing Roscoe Bartlett.

Maryland is one of the few (if not the only) states where Dems managed to do what Reps did across the nation at the beginning of the '10s. No wonder all the red knickers are in a twist over it.

Your hedline makes it seem that the woman was the one who was charged with first-degree assault. C'mon, people. "Middletown man charged in assault on woman" would have done just as well.

Maybe downtown needs a hotel -- but 190 rooms? I'll bet they'll be putting Section 8 families in there before too long to stem the losses, the way New York City's Waldorf-Astoria had to circa 1970.

These questionnaires from politicians running for office are useless. The job of a free press is to collect and vet information. This article does neither: The candidates deliver a boatload of self-serving propaganda, and the paper prints it without comment. There's no analysis at all. T…

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