You got that right, they are all going straight to h..l.

Yes a lot of people are living just like this and are not celebrating an economy that is blooming, or even a tax cut that even helped them all while the rich gets the help that make them even richer.

TINAE commented on Unwinding 'deplorable' issues

I don't need a bunch of Men to tell me what I can do with my body! And since you love your rac.ist President so much, how about telling him that there are people living here other than the white race, if your not like him yourself. Thanks

TINAE commented on Unwinding 'deplorable' issues

Wow, talk about fake news! For they know no better and I don't give them a pass. SMH

Since when did this man care about our Military? Nothing more than another Photo opp. For he knows no better. SMH

wrong, if Obama had just mentioned this there would have been a sharp shooter pointing directly at his chest before the Fourth of July!

If you ask me anything goes with politicians, even Presidents now. We certainly have lowered the bar and are paying for it. America not so great. And please don't tell me to move!

I guess you told them......... but we know they will say its all FAKE NEWS..........for they do not know no better. LOL

They want you to have your unwanted baby, then they don't want to adopt. Go Figure!

Do not Judge A Book By It's Cover!

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