TINAE commented on Stop bashing President Trump


Please stop acting like racism doesn't exist here. It does in the Government, in the workforce hiring practice and in Frederick. And until we recognize this and want change it will always exist.

If that is true about the Dems than what are the Hateful, racist, Republican party?

No one can buy the Presidency. People Vote for who they want to win. I'm all for him!

You got that right! Not needed at all. SMH

You got that right!

Not serious issues? Calling the NFL SOB's for kneeling and his mouth in that situation is in fact serious! SMH at you

You got that right. Very sad America!

You got that right jamesnee. Why don't they know this??? Sad

Great work by the fire fighters. God please heal the women who was trapped in the fire. One is fighting for her life as I type this. Prayers all.

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