Did not know that...wow.

I wouldn't consider this a loss. This area help her grow to the young professional that she is. Judging by some of her writing, this area will always be a part of her life. There is always a time to move on, good luck.

I was under the impression that goat yoga was a joke from a skit. I stand corrected.

Part of the problem? Sue is part of the problem for calling it as it is, and has been for a while? Maybe you should get out of the suburbs for once and stop enabling the problem. That won't happen because you see things one way and everyone else is wrong and part of the problem. If you ha…

The odds that the weed he is selling came from Mexico are very slim. Most likely came from here. Heroin and the other harder stuff came from Mexico.

That's crazy, expect a huge police presence for a while. At least no morons have tried to make this about the president or anything.

Oh wait...

Re-read your post, this time slowly, I think you missed the key part of the second sentence.


Hey since we are auditing things now...I could think of a few areas that need some accounting help.

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