Titanman123 commented on Kudos to Trone

Lois hosted a fundraiser for David Trone—sounds like political pay back to me. Corrupt!

Sour grapes is great way to describe how loud acted when things didn’t go her (or her daughters way)

Cindy—people who know Lois from previous organizations are very familiar with these tactics. If her (or daughter) didn’t get their way it was attack and bully. Ask around! Don’t just listen to politicians.

Shocked Ron is a no...living with Karen should create the need for quickie access to alcohol.

Why is Jessica Fitzwater never available for comment? She owes it to the public to be accessible to reporters. Waste of a council spot!

Mike blue owes his constituents an explanation—giving out free needles in emmitsburg or woodsboro is the last thing we need. Expected him to have better judgement!

Totally hypocrisy—-if Kathy Afzali had appointed someone without a public process this page and all commenters would have melted down. No way to spin this one, Jan was in the wrong. At the very least she cannot claim to be all for transparency!

Did Karen really attack carol due to a physical condition limiting her mobility? Don’t believe this medical problem was public—shame on Karen for hitting below the belt. She looks petty and vindictive.

Wonder why she has stopped using the Young portion of her name—now that the election is over.

Sounds like Ron’s third wife was being abusive and rude to her colleagues—seems to be a pattern with her. Treats staff with disrespect...now fellow delegates. Disappointing

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