Count up the paragraphs and/or sentences that are traditional Memorial Day writing and those which are not. Almost half the article is referring to the virus and current events.

50,000 people and a $50 million Federal grant ... So, it takes $1000 per person of US taxpayer money to provide security for one of the political party conventions? Does everyone get their own personal police officer for that amount over the 3 days of the convention? I assume the price ta…

Something seems off here "“His visit to the park was unannounced and there was no crowd waiting for him." Yet there were a bunch of reporters including an AP reporter and an AP photographer just hanging around and managed to capture the 5 minutes or less he was there?

Still waiting to see an article on the radio show comments. Guess that is 'old news' by now and getting buried quickly.

Just curious how many voters already put their ballot in the mail by now? I was going to use the drop off box at the Talley Center, but it was nowhere to be found. Probably inside the now closed until further notice County building ...

Radical thought moment: Why do we have this model of taxation? At whatever rate it is set at, you basically have a tax on a non performing 'asset'. I put asset in quotes because after the high fees of buying, selling, impact fees, etc, how much money in dividends or interest actually make…

I knew the Talley Rec Center was closed, but thought I might mail my wifes' ballot and drop mine off at the box that was shown in the paper as if it were outside. Nope! Nowhere to be seen, so my ballot went in a regular mailbox. Be curious to see which one gets posted first.

Just looked over the Saturday/Sunday print and online as of now. Not a peep anywhere and it will be 'old news' by Monday.

Probably deploy the Maxwell Smart cone of silence.

I am still stunned that after a difficult 1.5 miles uphill on a rocky trail to Annapolis Rocks and then down to the spring on another rocky trail, that the composting outhouse there has an ADA compliant ramp on it.

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