and my apologies for phrasing it that way. No coffee here this morning :)

It is the idea of being mandated as opposed to an option that annoys me. It is a simple enough matter to have the builder add it even in cookie cutter housing. You have some choice in some layout changes and n…

Yes, you do. It's called asking the builder to put one in at the same time they are running the required 110V line to the garage.

Granted, I am no fan of idiots bringing guns to airports or most anywhere for that matter other than hunting and the practice range.

However, a blanket statement of more guns in 2021 than 2020 should be followed by a percentage. How many people were flying in 2020 compared to 2021? …

It soundeth like something written in late 1700s. Sidewalks and footways??

I have seen a lot of horrible brick walks in the City.

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If it costs thousands to run a wire from the breaker to the garage, I would suggest checking with another electrician. Remember that the cost is not just the wiring as per what is being proposed, but the charger as well. And if the breaker box needs to be expanded or worse, the incoming s…

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Nailed it. Now combine the fact that 2 4th seed teams are playing. Then again, maybe the Olympics will be showing something like curling (which is actually pretty neat) so more people will watch the game instead. Or maybe bring back compulsories for ice skating: always a thriller to watch…

County buildings will be hitting a 2 year closure in March or April, I believe.

So maybe we can hold a lottery for US citizens holding valid passports to fill the airline seats, hotel rooms, and tickets to all the prime Olympic venues that will go to waste per this last minute decision?