rmaghan1 - don't state that "no one cares" - I care.

trwz commented on More audits are needed

Our county/country could save so much money if illegals were not hired to work. Many come to our area for employment. We need to fine those who hire illegals.

Exit and entrance ramps are helpful but many accidents occur when drivers are crossing Rt. 15. So tragic, I agree.

"a stock market at all time highs" Really?? My stocks are NOT doing well. I'd like to break even on the ones I have.

Sabillasvile and Wolfsville Elementary schools probably will have a combined enrollment of close to 200 students next school year. Classroom size in these schools are increasing, the number of teachers are being reduced causing young students to have multiple teachers each day. The "study…

Several elementary schools are slated to lose teachers next year. There will be an increase in class size or combined grades to rectify this reduction. The BOE needs to do an investigation of how many schools are impacted and honor their promise to reduce class size. Not all the schools ar…

A nice school with professional staff, especially Mrs. Peyton, She is an outstanding teacher that cares deeply about the students. Students in her class have been very successful. Wolfsville Elementary is fortunate to have her.

I'm sure that the bus wasn't traveling 55 mph.

"The right way is to buy it from a willing seller." Now I understand the true motive of the above writer. $$$$

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