I understand the desire and purpose, but I don't think they will have any luck in trying to keep Middletown a quaint, homey place.

IIRC, I think your home ZIP code is recorded for the purpose of counting you as vaccinated.

Fauci: "A pandemic of the unvaccinated."

Facebook: the lair of Trump-lovers. You have looking inside an echo chamber of MAGA.

If you think stiff sentences deter crime, then why are the prisons overflowing?

While I was about to agree that if they have to ask how to spend it they might not need it, this is a good point. However, I think it will take a lot more than $38M to not just update, but maintain, such air filtration systems. FCPS will have to be diligent in maintenance of HEPA systems.

And vaccinations have been available for 20-40 for long enough that they should have been vaccinated before the current rebound began

It's not a 1A issue as the club is not the government.

It's also evidence of that crass behavior continues among "conservatives".

I never thought I would say such a thing until 2016 arrived, but I shall not vote for anyone who is associated with the Republican party ever again. Republicans have zero morals or ethics, and they are not logical or rational. Common sense evaporates from every room they enter.

If he was only 15, and if he was a slave in Maryland, he would have been born no later than 1863, which means he died over 142 years ago. She would have died at least 122 years ago. That is for being born just before emancipation, so if they remember slavery they died even longer ago. Sta…

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