Terry Alban should not be fired. Had she closed schools early and it was just a little rain passing through, many like you would excoriate her for wasting a school day and disrupting their lives.

Why would we let the additional permissions for pop-up dining, parklets and food trucks expire, especially at a time like this? This makes no sense. At the same time, not requiring people to get vaccinated just invites the mayhem to continue.

I don't see how boarders are causing a problem. As long as they pay their rent and follow house rules, should all be good.

So are complicated rooflines creating too many pockets in the attic.

Experienced cyclists, typically those engaged in cycling as sport and routine exercise, are normally not engaging in this behavior. The primary problem of getting hit by a bike comes from casual cyclists who use their bikes 3-4 times a year, or the trick cyclists. The casual cyclist is th…

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