Voter suppression, especially of people of color, is how Republicans win. They really are a minority party.

I agree that the Kryptonite of the US is racism. We never have gotten away from Jim Crow as a Nation, have we? QAnon is an offshoot of this, likely mixed up with disinformation spread from Russia via far right groups in Europe. Recommend reading The Road to Unfreedom.

Mooney left Maryland so he could win a seat in the House of Representatives in WVA. I put Mooney in the same category as Blaine Young, which ain’t saying much. As for the ambitious Mr. Hough, I hear he is supported by the dark money of the Kochs. The Koch’s want nothing more than the US t…

Cox is truly ignorant of what “public health” is about. Maybe he’s the “new” Kirby Delauter? You remember him, right?

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