Not only are they buying votes, but next year, how many times will we hear from the Council "We just do not have the money". Landlords will also be expected to contribute to the Council's campaign coffers. Probably in the amount of $175.

I am a granpa too, and rest assured anyone who values their family and other people will not risk such a super spreader event.

I hope when people read your link, they see through the half baked charges and that no evidence has been presented and no laws or ethics broken . Just a couple of entitled men trying to discredit a candidadate who out strips them in integrity and leadership

Roger is the only candidate that knows what leadership really means. He also knows that the NAC's are vital to the city's management and problem solving. Our current Mayor talks big but he has had 4 years and one stumble after another.

Lets elect a real qualified leader: Roger Wilson

What is wrong with people. We experience a severe rain storm which affects our children and their schooling and people go nuts. They whine and complain when school is called off (See those below) and they whine and complain when the school is not called off. (see those below also)


like i said the county exec's office gave those parameters so the review would favor the Sherriff

try working with a group of alderman who want to nothing and see how much you get done

Interesting that Jenkins cite' s his financial audit. That was an audit that was predetermined as the County help set the criteria so that thousands of dollars in facility use and labor costs were not counted . Their reasoning was that since the taxpayers had already built the jail no cos…

While money is not everything it does indicate the outstanding leadership qualities the Community sees in Roger. Here is someone whose background in both the public and private sector exudes competence and purpose. No lazing around here. He really means that it is time to go to work.

Excellent letter. Until the Frederick County Community realizes the civil war freed all peoples to be served and protected under our laws, We need to continue to right injustices . After all who wants to live in a community where efforts by the elected, works to keep people who are differ…

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