Opponents of a proposal to sell Frederick County's nursing and assisted living centers took to protest Sunday, first in the morning and then in the evening, projecting anti-sale images on Winchester Hall.

County commissioners are considering a $30 million sale of Citizens Care and Rehabilitation Center and Montevue Assisted Living to Millersville-based Aurora Health Management. A public hearing on the sale is scheduled for 6 p.m. Tuesday.

Posters protesting the sale and promoting a rally at the college before the public hearing were plastered across the facade of the Yellow Cab of Frederick building. Commissioners President Blaine Young, who co-owns the business, said he discovered the vandalism Sunday morning when he stopped at work before church.

Young said he filed a police report Sunday morning and hired a cleaning crew to clear the posters by Sunday afternoon.

“It doesn't surprise me,” Young said. “They've been placing them all over town on private property, historic buildings. I don't mind freedom of speech, but we also have property rights.”

Young said police were knocking on doors and asking questions of the neighboring businesses as part of the investigation.

The posters direct people to a Facebook page called “Stop the Sale of Montevue/Citizens.”

The Facebook page does not list the organizers behind it.

Dylan Petrohilos, who was organizing Sunday's light show with the groups Frederick Rising and Occupy Frederick, said he didn't know who was behind the vandalism of Young's business.

"The posters were emailed out to a number of people, so we don't know who put those up," Petrohilos said.

The light show included slogans including "Stop privatization now" and "Blaine says cut back, we say fight back."

Petrohilos said the group opted to hold the light show to bring their message directly to residents of Frederick in a new way. The lights were shown on Winchester Hall and on the front of The Orchard Restaurant at Market and Church streets. Protesters handed fliers to passing cars and pedestrians.

Jake Brooks created the slide show that was projected. He said he opposes the sale because he disagrees with selling "something so valuable" to a private company and out of concern for residents at the homes.

"We just wanted to raise attention about the hearing. We thought if we did this, it would get people out," he said.

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Look at the door. Why wasn't the poster put higher? At eye level over the name of the business? The poster is at door knob level. Was the person who put up the sign short in stature or was keeping the name of the business visible a priority? Similarly on the side of the building, the posters are low.

president8444 posted at 5:19 pm on Mon, Jun 24, 2013.

Who is advertising the yellow cab in this picture...


Did you notice how that nut job barber on WFMD radio started to play his " shucks I don't know, im just a local' card about the sale of the place. LOL what a lost puppy


The four of them attempted to rig the meeting a while back regarding self starting business here in Frederick.
They knew they had opposition to cuts, staged a meeting at the school, and placed a young man to step up to speak about how succesfull he was all by himself with out assistance. '
The fabuluous four thought the young man would be booed due to his blatant support of the unpopular decisions of the four.
It backfired. he was not booed at all.
This is the kind of thing the fabulous four does. Keeping that in mind. The posters plastered on the walls, could very well have been placed there by the four.


Some folks have raised the question as to whether or not Blaine Young could have been behind this questionable vandalism event himself.

Blaine Young pasting the posters himself? It is entirely plausible, if not probable that he pulled this off himself.

There is a significant amount of security camera coverage for that property. The posters were put up in too much of an organized fashion versus a "get in and get out quick" action. There was also a poster placed on an entrance door, which is directly covered by a security camera.

It's not a stretch to consider ... Blaine's political calculus was that he could get back into newsprint, but as a victim and try to do damage to the Montevue / Citizens movement.

Looking at the people associated with the "Stop the Sale..." movement ... not one of them seems the type to engage in this type of conduct. The movement has stayed on the high road from the beginning.


Okay the Shame the Blaine Campaign FB is now live and more will be posted tomorrow..so stayed tuned..
Send me a message with links to the info you want posted about Blaine and depending on what it is I will post it to the page...


Below is Blaine's FB page



"Young said he filed a police report Sunday morning and hired a cleaning crew to clear the posters by Sunday afternoon."

If Blaine did it, did he also file a false police report? FNP can you confirm that a police report was filed?


I agree with those that evaluate this as a staged publicity stunt. Sounds like Blaine to me.

Impeach Blaine

I've noticed Darth has not commented on articles / letters that pertain directly to Blaine.


Be careful when you use Blaine's name Darth thinks you're obsessed with Blaine. Unless... you are Darth!!! Who else would know girlpolitic was Jill King???

Impeach Blaine

Girl politic = Jill king

Impeach Blaine

Interesting that Darth hasn't commented


Well if you dare to look at his FB page him and the other two stooges are at the beach, and they are posting pictures of how much "fun" they are having, not worrying about Kim or Catherine....so that is probably why he hasn't posted

And yes, thanks for outing Jill King I knew she couldn't hold out forever, make sure we capture her comments so we can remind her of them, because she is running for Alderman...


I don't see what you see at https://www.facebook.com/theblaineyoung.


Who is advertising the yellow cab in this picture.Is ths part of the nursing home too.cab service.Sell it and pay for those who cannot afford the care ,its that easy.We pay medicaid ,. The ones who cn't pay get them a medicaid card and all of us pay,nation wide.


What the matter, prexident, is the cab hitting close to home?? HA HA


It does look like an advertisement. Yellow Cab also own Taxi Fiesta. There are two other cab companies in Frederick. They deserve an equitable amount of free advertising as well.

Bowie Transportation...301-682-4023

Frederick Cab...............301-696-0070


I will happily pay a bit more in property taxes to keep the nursing home open to the indigent. It is part of my moral code to help provide care for those who need it. I believe that most people share the same values that I do and am astonished that we managed to elect 4 people to the BOCC who do not feel the same way. Most of us have far more than we need and most of us have most everything we truly want. What does it say about the citizens of Frederick to close the one facility dedicated to caring for those so much in need? Every single one of us are going to grow old (hopefully) and suffer from health problems. Have mercy on these folks in the nursing home. Be kind and it will be rewarded in triplicate. Jean


"They" have no conscience - only motivated by greed. But one day they will grow old and everything they have done to ruin this county will come back and smack them in the face.


http://static.quickmeme.com/media/social/qm.gif I'll just put this here for everyone to see.


To Girl politic. It actualy just depends on what the citizens want. The new place was designed to draw in. There was a move to make a one stop shop for all needs and this was all part of that.
Previously it was designed to lose 4.11 per person per day to offset other line items. None of this was set up out of the infered ignorance the conservative or tea party group insinuates. Simply wasnt true.
It can be viable at any given time.
It was a huge mistake to rebate a mesely 100.00 back on taxes only to have to cut the culture amenaties back.
As to the comments of we can not serve the most needy, yes we can, yes we do. It works real well.
It apears we have a big problem with County admin simply decideing what they want though. Bring it to a vote. You will see a pretty big turnout .
It has nothing to do with Libs, as you so childishly infered. LOL


This BoCC is right on target to sell these facilities. They should be in the hands of the private sector. All the crying in the world from the libs is not going the change that fact or stop the sale.


Why stay in the trash business and build a WTE? There's lots of private companies that will pick up the trash. Just look in the telephone book.


No idea why you think your opinion should be considered fact.


Yellow Cab has a building !
It's looked to me like those drivers must operate out of McDonald's drive-thru.


Careless (and disastrous) Commissioner Blaine Young will never come up with a reasonable, intelligent answer. He just keeps on babbling nonsense.



"Harry, it's all about power, those who have it and those who don't."

You have to give up your power to communication coherently.


Mark Hoke, former VP and former President of the BoCC, always supported Citizens and Montevue. Strange that in the times of fiscal troubles back then, this republican found the time & funds to support them. Now, RINO Young seems to be rewriting the handbook daily. Take a clue from Mark; continue supporting what generations of BoCC found to be worth while.

Impeach Blaine

He probably paid a driver to do it.


Have other media been notified about the protest tomorrow at FCC? We need to get as many on board as possible to get as much media coverage as possible. Baltimore Sun, Washington Post, ... This needs to go out on the AP.



I have to agree. Having spent over six months as an "insider" collecting evidence of unethical and illegal conduct by Blaine, et.al., it is more than plausible that Blaine is behind this because it once again gets him free "I'm the victim" press in the FNP.

I've been in Blaine's yellow cab office numerous times and have seen the camera coverage for the property. The police should be checking the video and looking for an 18 minute gap in the tape.


"18 minute gap"??? How could you possibly know unless you hung the posters?


As despicable as they are, it's better not to stoop to their level. I think Blaine Young put up the posters on his own building and doesn't have cameras so he won't catch himself.


It's ironic that people are protesting the sale of those buildings and not the condition of the care they deliver. I had a family member that I pulled out of there for poor care. Many people in the local social services field know that this is not a place you send your family members to. Yet, people are protesting the sale. I think they should not sell either but care must be improved, especially for those who are indigent. Some of those wards, even in the new building are terrible. It is not the facility but the staff that need cleaning up.


You filed a complaint with the health care quality board?

See http://dhmh.maryland.gov/ohcq/SitePages/Complaint%20Form.aspx


If that is true then there is a management issue, it is management always that "suffers and permits" when things have gone bad not unlike what is going on in county govt....its not the workers , it is the senior mgmt!

Comment deleted.
The Grass is NOT Greener



No surprise here, this is the kind of anger and frustration that wells up when the will of the citizenry is continually ignored and subverted. Once again we are being lied to with fuzzy math brought to you by the county commissioners; last summer a moment of truth was spoken when young stated "the numbers (for the incinerator) don't work without carroll county( the real truth here is the numbers don't work with or w/o CC) but less than a week later here comes a retraction of sorts from young for reasons unknown stating the numbers may or may not work, blah blah blah...so the truth was subverted by someone(s) promises promises .... and now the public is told we the people are going to be debt - free from Montvue if only we agree to sell it at $ 7 million LESS than we just paid to build it and oh yeah they left out the fact that the land ( $7+ million in value ) is a throw - in, and oh yeah we have to dig into general funds to actually pay off the debt, and btw we are going to give Aurora $10.7million in subsidies over the next 4 years, and the sales agency gets a $750,000 and finally we have agreed with Aurora that after the 4 years we ( read taxpayers ) will pay/ subsidize beds at the facility at THE PRIVATE RATE...now isn't that just extra special ....so all this whoopla about how much we're saving but when one does the REAL math there are no savings at all , only more of our taxes handed off to the favored few....and the real math says we will shell out more than $25 Million to "save" $4 million....once again , not unlike the incinerator where we will shell out $ 3 Billion over 30 years to "save " those nasty long haul costs which were $7.5 million last year and going DOWN every year...this makes sense doesn't it??? WE need to remember these transgressions and untruths when we next visit the polling booths


Moe Young being a Sunday, Two-Hour Christian is hilarious! Then Curly Delauter disses him with the nearly unintelligible "After his RV got vandalized you would have thought he put in some security camera's." Moron on moron dissing is a GREAT thing!


Awww Cubby is gonna be in trouble with blainethevader!! [beam]

Impeach Blaine

Not a fan of plastering flyers on Blaine's Building.

That's is immature as Chuck Jenkin's campaign supporters stealing campaign signs.

Comment deleted.

"did you dad"? LMAO

Comment deleted.



Young has zero credibility on this issue. The good ol’ boy and his cronies—real estate pitchman Shreve, real estate attorney Smith, and developer Delauter—see every County asset as theirs to sell; or, rather give away at fire sale prices. Young shills for Buckingham’s Choice, a privately owned elder care facility. He’s willing to sell our brand-new, $38 Million state-of-the art facilities for $30 Million and throw in 7.5 acres of prime commercial/street front property for free (estimated value, $6 - $7 Million).

Young has eliminated 450 County jobs already (including 34 firefighter positions), slashed aid to social services, eliminated Head Start, and pared education spending to the bone. He crows about saving the taxpayers’ money while glossing over his 12 cent, real property tax increase. Yet, his spending budget for 2014 is an all-time record for Frederick County--$516 Million!

Where did all that money go, Commissioner?

The Grass is NOT Greener

You really are clueless, arent you? The County budget increased because the Emergency response/Fire Fighter budget was added to the annual budget. Before, the millions of dollars spent on Fire Emergency teams was not included in the annual budget. Now, it is. That is why you have seen the budget increase to where it is now. Spending has not increased, they just added a a few more variables/factors which increased the budget.

Maybe if you stopped complaining, actually did a little reading, and used your brain for once, you would be able to figure all of these things out by yourself.


The County released the amount of the approved budget without indicating the accounting policies had changed. The burden resided with the County.


Blaine Young: "I don't mind freedom of speech, but we also have property rights.”"

The But Rule: Everything that comes before "but" is false.

I expect my elected officials to be at least as enthusiastic about rightr of free expression as they are about property rights.

The Grass is NOT Greener

The First Amendment does not allow you to go on to private property and vandalize that property in the name of free speech. You can assemble in public parks, sidewalks, etc. But I cant walk on to your property and plaster 100 posters on your house. How would you feel if I did that?

Your brain people. USE IT


You should read my comment again. I didn't say what you seem to think I said.

"Your brain people. USE IT"



“They've been placing them all over town on private property, historic buildings. I don't mind freedom of speech, but we also have property rights.”

Whoa, really? Do property rights only apply if it’s your property? I’m pretty sure those rights are outdated and no longer apply – that’s been weasel worded somewhere.

“… discovered the vandalism Sunday morning when he stopped at work before church.”

“Young said he filed a police report Sunday morning and hired a cleaning crew to clear the posters ...”

Really? So by vandalism, you mean sheets of paper and lights? That’s dreadful.

How nice that you can hire a crew to pull paper while attending church.

“Young said police were knocking on doors and asking questions of the neighboring businesses as part of the investigation.”

Really? A police investigation? Ah, so that’s where our money should go – investigate these people that put up paper and lights.

Have you ever had to care for a loved one to the point where you can no longer do it (physically, emotionally or financially), even with the support of the entire family, and then have to make the awful decision to sell their home and all their belongings and put them somewhere because there is NO money left?

I’m talking about people who have not lived extravagantly, have worked and saved their entire life – paid taxes – never missing a single bill – people who have helped to support this community.

Care in these facilities runs between $4,000 - $7,000 a month (or more) depending on the level of care needed. The money goes very quickly.

Have you ever been to a facility and seen what these caregivers do? I am so very grateful to the people that care for my loved one.

Soon, however, the money will again run out (there will be NOTHING left) and I’ll have to make another awful decision as to where (or if) I can place my loved one, and hope that they’ll get the care that I can no longer provide and, yes, that they deserve.

Have you been there?

Listen up, EVERYONE - it may not concern you right now, but (if you’re lucky) you will have to face this one day.

Whoever the protesters are, I THANK YOU.

The Grass is NOT Greener

Have you ever thought about having your loved one live with you? In your house? Listen. I am not saying that every situation is the same. People do face a lot of difficulties. But there are always more than just ONE option. HAve you price compared? Will insurance cover any of it? If you really care about them, move out of your house into a smaller one so you can afford payments. Like I said, none of those options are favorable, I would have a hard time coming to terms myself. But if you really cared about that individual, you will have to bend over backwards to take care of them, not the government. Plus, have you ever been inside or worked at the old Citizens/Monevue? Let me tell you, it was a disaster. Not the employees (they were wonderful) but like and publicly owned operation, it was falling apart


"but like and publicly owned operation, it was falling apart". Yes, that is why taxpayers just paid to build the new facility. It's not falling apart is it? We didn't pay to build the new facility so that Blaine could sell it as a loss of millions of dollars to the taxpayers.


Have you ever tried to keep a job and care for a disabled person? Of course not otherwise you wouldn't be posting here. You should try living in an emergency room 24/7 because you have a family member who needs constant care; perhaps a respirator or just needing to be turned in bed.

I've been in Winchester Hall, FCC, several public schools, the public library, etc. and they are not falling apart. So where do you get this publically owned falling apart theory?


I think we're witnessing digdug's new posting name.


Grass, I’m so tempted to say – no, as soon as it got tough, we sold everything out from under them and dumped them into the first place that would take them, but I think it’s safe to assume you have not been through the system, so you don’t get it. It was quite a painful experience.

Yes, they lived with family members – yes, we went to the house every day – yes, the neighbors pitched in. This went on for a few years. When we could no longer lift the person in and out of a car, up and down steps, or in and out of a bath tub (complete with grab bars and transfer seat) a physician suggested it was appropriate to seek further assistance.

A local non-profit wouldn’t even look at our loved one because (according to their charts) they were going to live too long. A few acres of land, along with a house and a monthly social security check wasn’t enough income, even though they accept Medicaid when the money runs out (I still don’t understand that one).

If you call about private care at home (roughly $18 an hour a few years back) the first thought is – great, I can do that – until you find out they have a minimum requirement of 8 hours (whether you need it or not). Keep in mind, the money is dwindling paying for normal expenses - taxes, groceries, electric, phone, insurance, etc.

I used the Department of Aging Handbook and called every private care facility, home care service and yes, even free ones which said they no longer provided services because they were out of funds.

We visited several facilities including out-of-county as well as out-of-state, but when you’re talking thousands a month, believe it or not it hardly matters anymore (and they really didn’t vary all that much). It really came down to comfortable, as-homey-as-you-can-get care and being close to family. Yes, we shopped.

You would think that paying over $300 a month for supplemental insurance would cover some of the care. Nope. There was a limit to the number of days (60 – maybe 90 – can’t remember) that they would help out at home (bathing, physical therapy). Once that’s done, you’re on your own. Unfortunately, people continue to age, they don’t “recover.”

Insurance does not cover assisted living – NOT ONE PENNY.

We could sell our home, but with care costing $80,000 a year at this point (not including insurance or medication), I’d either have to be selling a mansion (which I don’t have) or moving into a cardboard box.

That's the system as I know it.

If you have other options, I'd certainly welcome them.


I assume the 'courtesy photos' were taken by someone other than FNP staff...Cab photo looks more like an advertisement with well centered cab name bordered by the US and Maryland flags...The lettering on the paperwork is unreadable...Nothing like making lemonade out of lemons...I kinda wonder who could have put those flyers up...NOT Me


I would gladly pay back the 100.00 check for rebate of property taxes to stop all this downgrade of the place I want to live in.
I do not want to live in a city or county which purposely does not build a culture that praises humanity.
I will gladly pay more to keep the very reasons I moved here from disapearing.

The Grass is NOT Greener

Tell me how there have been downgrades in humanity, I have yet to see any of it.

Comment deleted.

usgov, you forgot the "comma" after President's name.....just sayin' [wink]


Vandalism would have been spray painting or something more permanent or messy. Posting fliers is hardly vandalism, in my opinion. They are easily removable. Inconvenient, yes. But think of the inconvenience to the residents and staff at the two facilities if this sale is allowed to go through. Hardly comparable, don't you think?

The Grass is NOT Greener

How would you feel if I posted 200 fliers all over your house?


Can I make a video of you doing it?


Then post it on youtube?


Agreed, hardly vandalism. He just likes to whine!


After his RV got vandalized you would have thought he put in some security camera's


USGOV, you are right for achange, this group will need to spend extra money so our taxes do not increase, they won't, then complain with tax increases. Money spent to build and losing money too,we should get out of the nursing home business now. A total losss for us tax payers.I haven't seen any money movement from these well doers.


$6,000,000 to sell
$...600,000 to operate
which costs more???


I wonder if next we can start the SHAME the BLAINE CAMPAIGN........oh wait I can start a FB page for just that reason....stay tuned....seems to me theses FB pages do carry a lot of clout....so.....


Love it![smile]


I don't condone vandalism. Posting fliers on Blaine's building is inexcusable.

But to hear that there are actually young people in our community who are aware of this despicable act that our County commissioners are about to commit in the selling of Citizens and Montevue, well I can't think of anything that does more to restore my faith in democracy at work.


Good observation!! Agreed[smile]


"Young said police were knocking on doors and asking questions of the neighboring businesses as part of the investigation."

Wow - an actual investigation with police going door to door. Funny, I don't recall anything like that when our yellow signs are stolen from private property, or when large banners are vandalized and destroyed on private property. I don't suppose the police pay more attention to Blaine than to regular citizens ... nah, silly thought!


Hoping to see this light show again at Tuesday's Rally and Hearing, 5:00 pm at FCC. Happy to help Young scrub off the zealous inappropriately placed flyers beginning first thing Wednesday am. [beam]


I wonder how many of the protestors are willing to pay higher taxes to offset the cost of unprepared clientele at the facility?


There seems to be this misconception on the right that no one on the left is willing to pay higher taxes for some things. I am not one of the protesters but I don't mind paying taxes for things I think are important.


Clientele paid social security and medicare taxes to prepare for the costs of old age as required by law. Hiring a "consulting" firm to "manage" a health care facility demonstrates the intent to mismanage the facility. Costs are being exploited to create a crisis so the conversion of public assets to private use can be justified. The willingness to spend $6 million dollars to sell the facility that is budgeted to cost $600,000 this fiscal year further illustrates the lack of good custodianship of public resources.

The Grass is NOT Greener

shhhhhhh. they want OTHERS to pay those taxes. [lol]

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